Our Services

Loss & Grief

Grief varies between individuals and loss acts as a wound which when treated well heals. However, if it’s left unattended, it can aggravate and cause complicated grief.

Educational Psychology

Our team involves educational psychologists experienced at all levels from small children, teenagers to adults. Some of our psychologists are teachers who are not just able to guide but to also teach in their respective areas.

Suicide & Trauma

We have experts to handle PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorders) and suicidal thoughts using trauma informed interventions and therapies.

Mental Health Awareness

At Global Psychology Support, our campaign for mental awareness is outstanding as that knowledge forms the basis of our healing.

Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy

We offer professional counseling support services and psychotherapy. This is a journey between the client and the therapist and focuses on a broader range of issues to ensure full recovery and sound health.

Anxiety And Stress Disorders

Anxiety is our body's natural response to stress. We assist our clients to cope and overcome that feeling of fear and in turn avoid state of mental or emotional strain (Stress)